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Friends Mourn Man Hit by Stray Bullet

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A solemn, still reminder marks the ground where a life spent in beautiful movement was lost.

“He had this infectious smile and this goofy way of dancing. It’s a little James Bond-ish but the ladies loved him and the guys wanted to be him,” said Scott Kauffman.

Scott Kauffman is talking about his friend and fellow dancer Joseph Long.

Long had just left Kauffman’s swing club, Midtown Stomp, and was walking two women to their cars, when a stray bullet from someone else’s fire fight hit Long in the head.

“I have heard that the police have taken the video tapes from AM/PM,” said Kauffman.

Sacramento police aren’t commenting on any particular piece of evidence they’ve secured since the killing.

They did, however, appear to be out in the area in full force Monday morning.

Long was a lifelong dancer who taught at Firehouse 5 and found fun and purpose wherever he could find a good beat.

The 32-year-old Carmichael man’s death has rocked a neighborhood normally considered safe.

Police want to remind the public not to let their guard down anywhere.

“This is a tragedy. An innocent bystander gets shot. Unfortunately crime can happen anywhere, midtown, downtown or any part of Sacramento. And we’re diligently looking into this crime,” said Michele Gigante with the Sacramento Police Department.

Long’s friends say violence will not win here and they have to follow in his footsteps to survive this.

“Joe lived his life dancing and that’s what he would have wanted, so the answer is we’re gonna dance,” said Kauffman.

Investigators say if you saw anything early Saturday morning near the intersection of 28th and J streets, they want to hear from you.