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Woman in Wheelchair Accused of Being Devil, Nearly Set on Fire


Margie Padron is petrified of the thought of suspect Nathan Yarbrough getting out of jail and coming after her again.

“He’s gonna come and catch me on fire. He’s gonna burn me,” she said weeping.

In broad daylight on Thursday, Padron was near the intersection of 18th and G streets, when Yarbrough confronted her and accused the 54-year-old disabled woman of being the devil.

He then doused her legs with lighter fluid and tried to set her on fire.

“He was gonna put a match to me,” she said.

Padron’s fiance and an unidentified woman on the street, chased Yarbrough away from Padron.

When police arrived, they said he also poured lighter fluid on one of the officer’s boots as they took him into custody.

He was booked into the county jail for attempted murder, assault with a caustic chemical and elder abuse.

“Please don’t let him out,” she said sobbing.