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Parents, Players Protest Team Getting Tossed from Youth Football League


In the world of youth sports, it’s always the kids who suffer the consequences of adult actions.

With chants of ‘I’m fired up! You fired up?’, echoing outside the office of Delta NorCal Youth football commissioner Stanley Fratus in Stockton, parents and players from the Weston Ranch Falcons aired their frustrations about apparently getting tossed from the league on an e-mail vote this morning.

Other teams charge the Weston Ranch Falcons have brought a rowdy, drunk element to the games and the rest of the league doesn’t feel safe playing them.

“I feel that he owes my children and my parents and my coaches an explanation on why he wants us out of this league,” parent Tyra Vickers-Kearney said.

Falcons players and parents say it’s jealousy over a very talented team and that the nitpicking charges have been piled onto the team all season long.

“I never seen anything like that going on. I mean, we’re just winning and I think they just want us out of the league,” parent Dennis Pruitt told FOX40.

Players agree,”They’ve been very mean to us and they keep on trying to cheat us so they can kick us out of the league for nothing,” eight-year-old Jaydnn Marshall said.

Fratus sent out an email announcing his resignation from Delta NorCal. It read “Effective this moment I resign as commissioner of DNFL. The league will be shutdown as soon as possible. Good luck dealing with the W.R. Falcons they are your problem now.”

The question of the team’s next game on Saturday versus the Modesto Raiders remains up in the air, as does the viability of the rest of the league.