Fan Gets Leveled for Going onto Football Field

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Too many men on the field; not a penalty levied against either team in in a recently posted YouTube video of Friday night’s varsity football game between Placer and Colfax.

But that penalty was eventually levied by law enforcement against a non-player, for what can only be described as some very strange behavior.

A man walked into the middle of the game bare- chested, with exposed buttocks and eyes glazed-over.

“I noticed a strap around his waist and it appeared to be like a sheath near his groin area. I thought it was a knife,” said Troy Sander.

That’s what was going through Sander’s mind and that of hundreds in the stands, as they watched Patrick Hurley advance aggressively toward huddled players.

Sander had just heard the school resource officer paged out to handle an incident and one reserve deputy on-site was in the middle of an educational demonstration.

His defensive-end son was on the field with a man he thought was armed and impaired.

That’s when the ‘dad’ in him kicked-in along with his years at the Placer County Sheriff’s department.

He started running and made a massive tackle that’s being called the play of the week – candidate for hit of the year.

Sander says Hurley resisted violently while three other off-duty law officers and one reserve deputy worked to arrest him.

Hurley’s shirtless chest on a cold fall night and dazed demeanor signaled one thing to all of them.

“That someone might be under the influence of a controlled substance, a hallucinogenic,” said Sander.

The 25-year-old Hurley, from Arnold, Missouri, later told officers he’d been drinking absinthe.

Witnesses in the stands say they saw him walk up out of the tree-line, hit the fence by the track, fall over it and take a drink from a plastic bottle before heading out onto the field.

He’s seen in the YouTube video throwing that bottle at players and then picking up the game ball.

Given the tackle and arrest, they’re all moves he’ll probably want to pull out of his playbook in the future.

Hurley is now out of jail after being charged with public intoxication.

Despite what many thought, deputies say he was not armed when he walked out onto the field.

Though no one appeared to be with Hurley at the game, investigators believe he may be staying somewhere in the Colfax area.

While in custody he professed to be on a religious odyssey.

“Typically we like to say Friday night football’s a very fun and safe place to be and bring your family.  Don’t let this one incident keep you away from high school football because there are few things better than high school football games,” said Jeff Tooker, assistant superintendent for educational services in the Placer Unified High School District.

Click here to watch the full video, uploaded by YouTube user whitneyliana51. WARNING: Partial nudity can be seen in the video.

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  • Guest

    It's clear the guy had some issues going on BUT he should sue … any lawyer will easily be able to argue the subject was struggling due to the MMA move being vigoursly applied to his ankles. The guy that tackled him … ok. I can see how he saw the guy as some type of threat. HOWEVER … I don't see a weapon or the guy advancing on anyone as reported. But did it seriously take half a football team of old, hefty men to subdue the guy?? This is a clear case of excessive force. I really hope the guy sues … at least the fool that was so actively attacking this legs/feet.

  • Guest

    Wow… another sue happy jerk. This is why there are problems. People do wrong things, can't accept responsibility… and try to sue others because THEY were WRONG.

  • Allen Prohaska

    I'd be the Dad that did that….ANYDAY of the week!!!!! Rather than live with regrets of "coulda shoulda woulda…..That's his SON on the field…….Damn good move! We need MORE Dads like you!!!! I'm in….

  • Brad Howard

    Dad did right. Some people are Sheepdogs, some are sheep and some are wolves. Dad is a Sheepdog, and protected the others from the wolf. As far as Hurley is concerned he is responsible for his actions as we all are in a society. A good ending for all, even Hurley as perhaps he can get the help he needs.

  • Caleb

    Guest is an idiot and the reason we are overloading with needless court cases these days…I agree with the rest….Dad did right thing…Good for you Dad!