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Who is Behind Prop 38? Meet Molly Munger


She is not a politician, so why did Molly Munger decide to create Proposition 38, a measure that directly funds California public schools through income taxes?

“She has just had an interest in civil rights and she feels we really cannot make the improvements in education without a substantial change in funding,” said Sharon Scott Dow.

Scott Dow has worked with Munger for the past five years through a liberal-leaning civil rights organization called the Advancement Project, which Munger co-directs.

“We work on education issues both early education k-12 and at the college level,” said Scott Dow.

Munger, 63, spent much of her life as a civil right attorney.

A longtime Democrat, Munger is now an Independent.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, her brother Charles Munger Jr. is a Republican and Stanford physicist.

He reportedly pumped more than $28 million to oppose Gov. Brown’s prop. 30 in support of prop 32.

Prop. 30 increases taxes for those making more than $250,000/year to fund schools.

Prop. 32 Prohibits unions from using payroll deducted funds for political purposes.