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Funeral Director Offers Advice on How to Protect Your Family


Bodies left in coolers, remains stored in a home for months; Advanced Care Funeral and Cremation Services has been under fire for treating customers badly.

The California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau thought the treatment was so bad they shut the business down. To keep your family protected from this kind of treatment, experts have some good advice.

“People are shopping for products or services, you should always check out these companies,” said Philip Stein with Stein and Sons.

The Better Business Bureau and the CCFB keep files on all companies.

“Ask if there have been any red flags that have been posted to these companies,” said Stein.

The best way to protect your family is to plan years in advance.

“People should make the arrangements well in advance and they should tell their family members what those arrangements are, and then they should be good shoppers they should go out and price,” said Russ Heimerich, with the CCFB.

Shoppers can pick out a casket, urn, even a funeral plot. You can even pay off those purchases over years to save your family the hassle of scrounging money together at the last-minute.

Picking out a company in advance is always a good idea, you’re more likely to pick up on problems when you’re not grieving. For more tips, go to the CCFB website.