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Nuts and Bolts about the Raley’s Strike


Raley’s says they are doing what they can in order to remain Competitive with other grocery stores.

While the union won’t immediately return our calls, they said in a statement that “terms proposed by the company include elimination of retiree health care and inadequate funding of health care for active workers.”

But Raley’s said that’s not true.

The final contract only deals with employee wages not health care.

Raley’s employees are the highest paid in the nation for their industry making it almost impossible to compete with other stores

“This is a terrible economy. We are suffering. We haven’t been growing. Our customers are suffering. People are changing their purchasing habits and they are going wherever they can find the lowest price and that’s typically with your non-union stores,” said John Segale Raley’s spokesperson.

Clerks and senior clerks make between $9.95/hour and $21.13/hour.

Raley’s also said the union is asking its members to go on strike without allowing them to look at the final contract.

Raley’s says while they are freezing wages for the next two years and taking away premium pay for holidays and Sunday’s they are still offering a week’s paid vacation and holiday pay.