Raley’s Employees Strike, Grocer Stands by “Last & Final Offer”


As more than 120 Raley’s stores opened Sunday morning, picketers stood outside at least 80 of them.

At the Raley’s in Elk Grove, dozens of shoppers were asked to go elsewhere as they walked in.

“Show your support now, do not shop at Raley’s until the strike is over!” one picketer yelled.

“I respect that,” says a shopper who walked back to his car before ever entering the store Sunday afternoon. “A lot of these people have kids, I support them.”

At headquarters in West Sacramento, John Segale tells us the contract they’ve written would freeze wage increases for two years and take away premium pay for Sundays and holidays. But, he says it would also continue to provide paid vacation, and paid holidays.

“This is a contract that the union already approved for Savemart. I don’t know why they won’t show this contract to Raley’s employees so we can get passed this,” Segale told FOX40.

Although the benefits are different from what they were before, the company continues to push that it’s an overall good deal — not quite the sentiment of the picketers.

“You work for a company for 25-years, and for them to just say sorry, here’s your handshake,” one employee told FOX40.

“Times are different and changes must be made in order for this company to stay in business,” says Segale.

Picketers in Elk Grove plan to be outside all day, everyday until an agreement is reached.