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Raley’s: Some Employees are Returning to Work


It’s Raley’s word against the Union’s with picketers caught in the middle, but according to Raley’s some strikers are having a change of heart with half of the strikers going back to work.

The reason why – Raley’s says the contract they presented the union four weeks ago was never shown to employees to vote on.

“People believe in this company. This company had been around for 77 years. They are privately owned, family owned. People are really upset that we’re at this point,” said John Segale

What picketers say they did see was just an overview of that contract.

They say Raley’s pulled employees aside asking them to directly vote on the contract Raley’s wanted

When one picketer was asked if she could see the final contract and it did not touch health care she said she would have voted for the contract.

“I could give it a yes vote, but it needs to be done ethically. It needs to go through our union,” said Mirianna Battiste

The reason strikers are striking is fear that the union won’t have control their health care.

Still Raley’s argues the contract does not touch health benefits just wages.

We reached out to the union, but they weren’t available for comment.

They did say they have a strong backing from union employees.