Beer Pong King Fills Bars, Thinking Big


His name is Hector Rivera, but you can call him the “Beer Pong King.”

The 30-year-old isn’t always playing the game that involves tossing ping pong balls into plastic cups, but he spends his life promoting it.

Rivera has made a literal living on promoting the game at local bars, where he sets up tournaments and brings in on average 40-50 people into what would otherwise be an empty scene.

“You can’t go to a house party these days without people playing beer pong, it’s just what they do,” says Rivera.

“They” is a reference to the 21-26 year old who follow Rivera from bar to bar, trying to put a competitive twist on what has been known as a drinking game.

Rivera makes his money from the bar who pays him for the extra bodies that normally wouldn’t show up.

He is now working on a documentary about his life as a beer pong promoter, as well as push production companies about starting a reality series based on his life.