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X-Factor: Goodbye, Sweet Jason

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Well, I called it last night. I said Jason and Cece would be in the bottom.  I also added Jennel to that group, but she made it through.

They both sang for their lives and once again the judges did not save the contestant who sang the best.  I am so tired of this.

If you’re not going to reward them for singing well then don’t have them do it.

Sorry, but Jason sang much better tonight and yet he is going to home.  Cece deserved to go home, but instead we have to watch her next week.  Jason was a sweet guy and I will miss him.

I did like how they showed what place everyone came in…that was awesome.  Rarely, on these types of shows do we get to see who had the most votes.  It gives fans and idea of who is really in it to win it.

So, why on earth was Emblem 3 only in 6th?  That is something Simon should be quite worried about.

On to next week and I’m thinking Cece better bring it or it will be her last week.

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