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Dog Whose Ears were Illegally Clipped Gets New Home


Coco, a three-month-old Pit Bull puppy whose ears were illegally cropped, has a new home.

“I’ve been waiting all week, visiting him every day,” said Kathleen Cannon, Coco’s new owner.

Cannon didn’t think it was possible. Just three weeks earlier, Coco’s previous owner had illegally chopped his ears off, leaving the puppy seriously hurt.

Coco was fixed up by a licensed vet, who is the only person legally allowed to crop a dog’s ears, and then put into foster care.

“He’s so much better now. He was so timid and nervous at first,” said Cannon. “And now, just to see him running around is amazing.”

“(Coco’s ears) healed pretty well, they’re clean, and he’s going to be a pretty boy,” said Sacramento Animal Services’ Gina Knepp.

Donations help pay for Coco’s medical bill, which was more than $1,000.