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Raley’s Strike Day 7: Tensions Rising?

Even as temperatures drop, the hostilities are beginning to rise.

“Not one of these people striking actually works here,” said a person in a car.

“Do you want to see my badge? It’s in my car,” replied Randell Ng, a striking worker.

“When you (expletive) with your employer, you lose. If they go out of business, you lose your job,” responded the person in the car.

Confrontations like this have been occurring over the last seven days – on both sides.

“The strikers basically blocked me from entering the parking lot, so I had to back out and enter in across the street here,” said Jacob Shockley, who tried to shop a Raley’s Saturday.

“Other employees that crossed the line to scab have crossed the line and they come out and taking pictures and shouting at our other picketers here. I’ve seen the security come through here putting their two cents in,” Ng said.

And in such a volatile environment, even a simple accident could have major implications.

“And as he was coming in, they were banging on his trailer and he hit a parked car,” said Shockley, who witnessed a delivery truck hitting a car that supposedly belonged to a striking worker.

“We are in the process of investigating it. And we will get all the details, but what our initial reports are is that the strikers were trying to harass the driver and block his attempt to our bay so he could deliver his product,” said Raley’s Spokesman John Segale.

But the strikers say that’s not exactly what happened.

“We were trying to stop the truck from going any further and doing any more damage to my car or their car or anything. We’re taught by the union reps we are not to interfere with these guys. We are supposed to let everything happen , say what we need to say, but we don’t interfere in the business of Raley’s,” Ng said.

So far Raley’s and the union are trying to work out the details of a resolution, but no agreement has been met.

James Myers filed this report.