Galt Animal Shelter Safe For Now

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Some of the 60 cats staying at Mason’s Place, a no-kill animal shelter in Galt.

GALT – Just off Highway 99, in the town of Galt is a house holding some 60 cats.

It’s called Mason’s Place, a no-kill animal shelter run by the non-profit Animal Rescue League.

The organization has a special mission, “Let the public know about these animals that they’re not throw-a-ways,” said Executive Director RJ Verni, “They have a lot of value.”

Verni added it’s been tough, “Our adoptions have been very low. The animals we do get in, the average age is five.”

The number of cats living here is a glimpse into the issue of stray and abandoned animals outside, but that’s not the only problem.

“When the economy dipped the fundraising events we had in the past, (that) really brought in some money, the same events don’t bring us much money,” said Verni.

What money they do get goes the animals care first; like food and veterinary visits.

It doesn’t leave much money for rent, and is the reason Mason’s Place was in danger of closing. They were able to raise $5,000 which bought some time.

“We’re not completely safe,” said Verni. The landlord has given the group a time period to come up with the remaining $20,000 to stay open.

The shelter obviously needs money, but Verni said if they can’t get that they’re asking for a donation of time. “Because of the economy we’ve lost a lot of volunteers,” she explained, “We had 50 now we have seven.”

Despite the lack of people the amount of work remains the same. “The burden is on a few,” said Verni.

She hopes that burden will soon get a little lighter. “Anything that anybody can do for us is what we’re looking for,” said Verni.

The Animal Rescue League is looking for monetary donations, vehicle donations, volunteers, grant writers, and experts in social media.

For more information visit their website at

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