Possible Motive in Oakdale Killings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Ryan Mazzariello, 25, served in the National Guard and was deployed to Kosovo.

But as he now sits in the Stanislaus County Jail, suspected of gunning down and killing two people outside of an Oakdale market, those who know him say he had good reason for what he did.

“Steven”, a local security guard, said Mazzariello’s wife shared with him a recent incident that pushed the soldier over the edge.

“They had him, her, the baby, hostage with a gun to her head and his head, basically telling him, if he ever intervened with them again… they would rape her in front of him and her daughter,” Steven said.

Neighbors said about two weeks ago, gang members who run rampant in the neighborhood, had beaten a buddy of Mazzariello. They said he later evened the score by punching out the guy who attacked his friend.

“Basically back and forth. Something happened to them, something happened to him. He’s just trying to protect himself,” Steven said. “Honestly, everyone’s making him out to be the bad guy. But I would do the exact same thing to protect my family.”

Mazzariello’s neighbor, “Samuel”, said earlier on the day of the shooting, Mazzariello had invited him over to watch the Niner game, a Sunday just like any other.

“I was drinking a Bud Light. I told him, ‘Do you like Bud Light?’ ‘Yes.’ And I gave him a Bud Light,” Samuel said.

“And he was in a good mood, he was happy?’ FOX40 asked.

“Yeah, yeah. He was happy,” Samuel added.

Stanislaus County investigators have not given an official motive in the killings.

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  • Ruby

    Good for that man! People need to start somewhere in showing these gang bangers that we are not going to take their intimidations. They are like scavengers, only work in groups and have to use weapons and bullying!!!

    He did his job twice! Protecting his (our) country AND his family

  • ZacharyLara

    A 15 year old boy was murdered. Seriously Fox "News" this was posted in poor taste even for your standards. "Basically back and forth…He’s just trying to protect himself,” Steven said." Protect himself from an unarmed 15 and 20 year old? Not even the targets might I add. Really? Ruben 15 years of age holding a 25 year old man wife and child at gun point? "basically telling him, if he ever intervened with them again… they would rape her in front of him and her daughter,” Interview who you will Fox but you should read what you write before you report it. Bravo!

  • Hannah

    Wow really his excuse for killing two children were because he was protecting his family from kids. WTF?! Just because he has a military background its ok for what he did. Maybe society has to worry more about ex cops and ex soliders ect. Then these so called gang members that are just kids. This story is so pathetic! 2 children are dead now all because this man went crazy and decided to shoot two innocent kids. Hope he gets what he deserves in prison and hope these two families getjustice. My heart goes out to these two families that are in pain.

  • strongarm6r

    I'm glad the trolls have already tried and convicted this suspect. So glad that someone is guilty until proven innocent. Wow, you people are genius! I'm gonna take a wild guess that none of the previous commenters have ever had a 10 year old pick up an ak and fire it them? I have…Just sayin'. I know first hand the evil that children can be capable of. Second… since when did 20 become 'Still a child'? Pretty sure you can join the military at 18. Does that mean the USA sends child-soldiers to war? Guess that makes Obama the same as Kony? I'm just trying to understand the logic here. Is it in the realm of possibility that the two killed were the foot soldiers of a larger gang organization carrying out the dirty work and the suspect took action to defend himself and his family. Naaahhh, couldn't be… This is America where its all Rainbows and Unicorns and Prius driving happy people.

  • Riley

    I knew Ruben. He was a good kid. Sure he was a title misguided but he was never a “gang banger” or ANYTHING like that. He was a nice, funny, caring boy that always was trying to put a smile on people’s faces. I’d knows him for 3 years and he was a really good frien of mine.. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for him or Abel to die this young or in this way. And I know that a LOT of other people know this is true.

  • Hailey Calderon

    These two boys did NOTHING wrong! They went to the store to get a soda, and walk out dead! Do you see nothing wrong with that!? You would think that with the shooter being a trained military personnel, he would be able to hit a target when shooting. But instead. He hit two innocent young boys that had their whole life ahead of them. If he gets away with the murder of these boys, I feel sorry for the karma that is going to come back and haunt him for the rest of his life. I also feel sorry for his daughter who is going to grow up with a father who is a murderer.

  • anonymous

    I knew Abel and he was never no gang banger and if the shooter served in the military y did he kill the wrong people? everybody that is on his side just keeps coming up with excuses for him and if his family was held hostage,y didn’t he call the cops? He planned it,he showed someone i know a gun a week prior to the shooting