X-Factor: Divas Night

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Here we go. Another week of X-Factor and this time they’re trying to sing like divas.

Not sure what to expect with all this, but we all know Simon is the biggest diva on this show right?  Well it’s close, between him and LA Reid.  So here’s how I see it:

Young Adults:
1. Jennel- I really want to like her, but I  just can’t get on board?  Clearly it’s just me, because the judges loved her.
2. Paige-  I like her, but I don’t know if it was strong enough.
3. Cece-  why is she still here?

1. Diamond-  She is adorable and getting better each week.
2. Beatrice-  I thought she was great!!
3. Arin-  Not his best and he was NOT happy about it.
4. Carly- amazing as Britney loves to say!

1.  Lyric 145- I actually really like this group, but they need better songs!  I also think talking over Demi was not a good move…viewers won’t like that.
2.  Fifth Harmony-  I’m not into them…just not my cup of tea I guess.
3.  Emblem 3-  They’re without a doubt the best group.

Over 25:
1.  Tate- He deserves a chance to make a record…he’s ready!
2.  Vino-  I love him…I don’t care what he sings…love his voice!

I’m kind of hoping we can thin out this bunch quickly…thankfully two will go home tomorrow night.  So, who’s in trouble tonight…I say Arin, Lyric 145, Fifth Harmony, and Cece.

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