Mid-November Conditions Bring More Boarders than Skiers to Slopes

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The lifts at Boreal were running into the evening Friday but because of conditions being  less than ideal, they had more boarders on them than skiers.

Still, for folks who like coming up the mountain, they say any little bit of snow is good enough.

What a way to have to ‘make the best of it.’

Friday was a  day of play for many, but they had to make their fun in the soggy, instead of snowy, Sierra.

Were the slopes difficult to negotiate?

“Just a little bit slower. Slush is alright. Still having a good time with it,”  said Mike Pederson, a Sacramento snow boarder.

Even though it wasn’t quite the day on the slopes Luis Loo had hoped for, on his earliest trip up the mountain, he did find one advantage to the rain.

“Pretty clear, too, so no running into people,” said Loo, who trekked up to the Sierra from San Francisco.

One week ago,  Santos would have loved to run into people, at his business, Donner Pass Pizza.

When FOX40 visited before, things were pretty quiet.

Now, Santos has got a few tables filled, and  food to plate for eager folks waiting on a weekend storm.

“Well we’re hoping for enough snow to go snowmobiling,” said Mary Touros of Clayton.

Some in the crew have a hunch the weather machine might fall down on the job, so  if they can’t be in the snow the way they want, at least they’ll be close to it.

Ten inches of new snow could fall in the Sierra by Saturday night

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