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California Wal-Mart Workers Plan Black Friday Walkout


Walmart workers upset over an early start to holiday shopping — and having to work on Thanksgiving — are taking their message to the streets.

“They put me in a tough kind of corner,” said Chris Hinojos, who works at a Walmart in Duarte.



  • s

    I’m not a walmart employee. I have buissness of my own i would never make my employees work on thanksgiving. Walmart and sam walton and his family should be thankful for there employess. Its a shame this is how sam waltons family is conducting what is supost to be a “family store” as they say.

  • Kathleen Noble

    Firemen,police officers , Dr’s, waitresses

    All have to work the holidays! So what do I

    Think , they should be gratefull to have a job

    So many people don’t !

    I worked all the holidays when I was a waitress!

    I complained, but I wouldn’t now! Look at Hostess

    The end result there! People need to be gratefull there

    Working! Not in the unemployment lines!