People Already Camping out for Black Friday Deals


Forget the cornucopia, the tent is Thanksgiving’s new center-piece. As near as we could tell, Sacramento-area shoppers started setting their tents up in Black Friday line with 104 hours before they would be let in to shop.

“Yes, that’s a long time,” admitted Valentin Quiralte, who put his tent up Sunday in front of Best Buy Arden.

A long time but, of course, a longing for 40 inches of high definition glory can make a man do some extreme things, and that includes doing nothing at all. For days.

“Some people think you’re crazy, coming out here. A lot do,” Quiralte said.

Across town at Best Buy Elk Grove they are taking the concrete camping concept to a whole new level, with two room tents stocked with pop and propane. But that’s not all.

“Patience and a positive attitude,” added Sora Barbour.

Barbour is first in line at that store. But the way she sees it it’s not a wait, it’s a way to make new friends.  Of course, the deals at the end don’t hurt.

“I’m getting the TV and the laptop package. And I might still get the Play Station, I’m not sure yet,” Sora said.

Both Sora and Quiralte have part-time jobs that allow them a flexible enough schedule to spend the week waiting.

And in Quiralte’s case, given the deal he expects to get on a new TV, he’s making between 4 and 5 dollars hour.

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