King Fire Revealed to be Arson, Man Arrested

Arden Mall Security Prepared for Black Friday Madness

Over 8,000 people are expected to wait in line outside Arden Fair Mall doors this Black Friday, according to Security Chief Steve Reed.
The former cop plans to quadruple his law enforcement coverage during the shopping holiday and have security on foot, horses, bikes, segways and in cars and 167 cameras monitoring 77 acres of the mall.
The security team also uses license plate reader to track down cars that have been reported stolen. Reed says they’ve recovered 67 stolen cars and arrested 51 people over the last three years using this technology. He says about 70% of those people are involved in other crimes too, ranging from petty theft to identity theft.
About ten million people go through Arden Fair throughout the year, and one million just from Black Friday until December 31, says Reed. Despite the increased volume, he says “It’s the time of the year that’s the safest in malls.”
And while many may find Black Friday stressful, Reed gets a rush from it. He says, “I love it. I’m a type A and I’ve always loved it. My team never let’s me down.”