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Rush to Beat the Rush at Sac International

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The chaos that surrounds flying the day before Thanksgiving has gotten into the heads of some local travelers, prompting them to do Tuesday what would be too hectic to deal with Wednesday.

“I totally planned this well in advance, not only that, but I specifically picked this time of day to leave,” said Sandi Moore, who hugged her husband goodbye at around 8:30 Tuesday morning.

While most people will drive to their Turkey Day destination, Christina Bean, with daughter in tow, is flying to Wisconsin, she made sure Tuesday was the day they left.

“You get so scared of cancellations or delays, and if you have to fly out tomorrow at least you won’t miss your family who are waiting for you,” she said.

Long lines were easily seen early Tuesday morning at Sac International, but those died down a little after 7:00 a.m.

If you do have to fly out Wednesday, there is some good news, Sacramento’s airport is ranked high in a recent list of slowest airports during the holiday season.

Last month, Sac International reduced their parking garage fees from $15 a day to $12 a day. The economy lot is $10 a day and the daily surface lot is $12 a day.