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Witness Statements After Violent Incident Can be Shaky


They all witnessed the same event, Edward Hill 12 was run over by a trailer in Elk Grove, yet their stories as to how it happened were different.

Is it a question of perception or something deeper?

“When you have a traumatic event they are going to focus on the injury sustained by the individual, so they will black out or not focus on the details leading up to that,” said officer Christopher Trim.

The most important opinion of all will come from another 10-year-old boy who was with Hill when it happened.

“As you can imagine, he is shaken, having seen his best friend killed in front of him,” said Trim.

Police are trying to determine if Hill walked between a truck and a trailer that was stopped in traffic.

According to initial reports, the boy said Hill was trying to beat traffic and entered the street with his bike.

A bike sits near the intersection where 12-year-old Edward Hill was hit and killed in Elk Grove.

“We are still not sure where he was, but obviously he was struck by the trailer portion of the vehicle,” said Trim.

Hill’s family gathered at the site where it all happened to remember the young man who was dear to their hearts.

“I’ll love you and I’ll miss you,” said Hill’s mother Diane.

The investigation is still ongoing, police are going to take statements from all witnesses and try to focus on those who didn’t see the most traumatic parts to form an accurate depiction of what happened.