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“Disrespectful” Torn Flag Above McDonald’s Taken Down


Torn, tattered and captured by FOX40 cameras, it was Monday when we noticed an American flag with nearly shredded stripes flying above the McDonald’s on the corner of Arden and Howe in Sacramento.

FOX40 showed the video to James Rowoldt of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

“It’s disrespectful. It’s disrespectful to the veterans, it’s disrespectful in my opinion, to our country. That’s the flag of our nation, it should be properly displayed,” Rowoldt told FOX40.

On Wednesday afternoon, the flagpole at McDonald’s was bare. FOX40 spoke with the franchise owner over the phone and he said the flag was pulled down and worn out from weather damage in the past three to four months.

The owner and manager of McDonald’s both said the flagpole will remain bare until a replacement arrives, which has already been ordered.

The VFW says the will gladly pay to properly remove and replace the Stars and Stripes, rather than a see a flag that’s unserviceable representing the country.

“The condition of that flag should at least warrant taking it down and not flying the flag at all. Rather than flying it in the condition it’s in, just take it down until you get a chance to replace it. That would be more respectful,” Rowoldt said.

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  • Margie Wizner

    I lived near Arden and Howe not too long ago. From my balcony I could see the flag and it has been in poor condition, much longer than a few months. I’m so glad that this flag is finally being replaced!

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