Giving Thanks that X-Factor Rocked

On tonight’s X-Factor, the top 10 battled it out.  We’re going to find out what each act is thankful for.  Once again,  two acts will go home tomorrow, so this is a big show.  Here’s how I see it…

Over 25:
1.  Tate-  This is the guy to beat!  I don’t always agree with LA Reid, but he’s right, America loves this guy.
2.  Vino- Wow!!  He shut it down!

1.  Diamond-  OMG this little girl has me in tears…WOW she was AMAZING!!  Favorite performance of the season for me.
2.  Arin-  He was so much better this week, but he still may be in trouble.
3.  Beatrice-  Her voice is haunting…loved it.  Tears again…geez!!
4.  Carly-  AMAZING!

1.  Emblem3- Loved it!  They should be safe!
2.  Fifth Harmony-  They do feel like a group, but I don’t get it…they don’t make me want to vote for them.

Young Adults:
1.  Cece-  Well I can’t judge her after that story…I don’t know…I just don’t know.
2.  Paige-  I love her…I don’t care how she sang tonight.  However,  I know she is probably in trouble.

Wow this was a great and  sappy night on the X-Factor…I was a tearful mess watching the show.  Regardless of all the good intentions, two acts are going home.   I think Arin, Cece, Fifth Harmony and Paige are in trouble.

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