Grieving Mother Wants Stolen Phone, with Photos of Son, Returned

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Fighting back tears, Diane Hill says she now knows how her son Edward, 12, spent his last moments before he was killed just over a week ago

An off duty EMT who witnessed it all approached Hill Sunday during  Edward’s funeral and shared what she knew.

“She said he was peaceful,” said Hill

The EMT said a truck and and attached fifth wheel were stopped in traffic in the center of the cross walk on Bond Road and Elk Crest Drive in Elk Grove.

Edward walked his bike between the trailer and truck when the truck began moving.

“He then got up and picked up his bike and walked it to the side walk. She told him to lay down and that’s when she realized he was hurt really bad,” said Hill.

The EMT could feel the boys crushed ribs while he gasped for air.

Another witness prayed while the EMT’s boyfriend held Edward’s head.

“They just held him and made sure he knew that everybody loved him,” said Hill

Days later, Diane’s cell phone with dozens of Edwards most recent photos was stolen.

Now the grieving mother asks for the only last memories of her son be returned.

“Those photos were unique. I can’t replace them and I can’t replace him,” she said.

The cell phone or SIM card can be left at the Elk Grove Methodist Church or at the FOX 40 office,  located in south Sacramento.

Dianne says she holds no one responsible for her sons death; it’s just a tragic accident.

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