Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Black Friday deals at stores can be better than those found on-line on Cyber Monday. The exact same TV was $80 on Cyber Monday.

SACRAMENTO – There are plenty of people believe Black Friday is pointless because Cyber Monday just a few days later, and the deals are just as good.

That’s not always true.

Sometimes the deals are better at brick and mortar stores than going on on-line. The proof can be found by comparing the price of some of the hot items on Black Friday to what’s listed on Cyber Monday.

First up, Best Buy’s big door buster a 40” LCD TV from Toshiba. On Black Friday it was $179 on Cyber Monday the TV is not listed; the closest is a 40” LCD TV Samsung for $429.

Next is Panasonic’s 32” LCD 720p 60Hz. The doorbuster price was $189 on Friday on Monday  it’s also not listed, but there are some other TVs with similar specs; Dynex is $179, Samsung is $249, Sony is $299, Hiteker is $189, and Coby is $219.

The real tell-tale of Friday’s deals beating Monday’s can be found with Samsung’s 55” LED TV. At the store on Friday it was $799, but on Monday the same exact TV is $879.

The $80 difference is pretty significant, but with the possible chaos and fights that are prone at stores on Black Friday the slightly higher price on-line may be worth it.

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