Animal Control Officer Killed in Galt Shooting

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Galt officials confirm the Sacramento County animal control officer who was shot Wednesday afternoon has died.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies and Galt Police are now in a standoff with the gunman, who is armed with at least one firearm.

The animal control officer was with a bank officer to safeguard animals at a home on 1st Street, near New Hope Road, that was evicted Tuesday.

Someone from inside the home fired a shotgun through the door, hitting the animal control officer and grazing the bank officer. The bank officer is fine physically, but is shaken up.

Galt High School is no longer on lockdown, and students were allowed to go to their afternoon classes.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Jason Ramos told reporters that animal control officers will sometimes assist with civil evictions and help patrol officers on routine calls for service.

Ramos said the man was actually evicted Tuesday. The animal control officer came with the bank officer to safeguard the animals left at the home from the day before. The resident should not have been at the home and the locks had been changed.

Deputies confirmed the address of the home to FOX40 and that they’re looking for the 65-year-old resident. They did not say whether or not the homeowner and the gunman are the same person.

Deputies and police are assuming the gunman is still alive because they have not heard any other shots. They have still not made contact.

Nearby homes have been evacuated.

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  • marie040

    I am a traditional college student, I work two jobs, and I volunteer on a regular basis…

    …Oh and my dog is a pit bull…a sweet, loving pit bull… just saying…

  • Jaloney

    WELL WELL I was right. The murderer was going into his garage to get his two pitbulls when swat took him in.. Nice dude. ANOTHER FINE EXAMPLE OF RESPONSIBLE PITBULL OWNERSHIP

  • Jaloney

    Yep that is what Darla Napora said about hers.. she rasied it from a puppy and hten it ate her.. Just saying…

  • disabledmom2

    I know many pit bull owners who dont behave this way!

    My dad was a toy poodle breader, in his life time he did 2 standoffs… what u know JALONEY

  • marie040

    Pit bulls are loyal dogs who are protective over their family. If you raise any dog to be vicious they will bite but if we educate people how to train their dogs this problem would be greatly reduced. People need to realize that nature and nurture both play a part.

  • booplover

    All things considered, age, financial situation, shooting/killing animal control officer, it would have been best if Cory had then taken his own life rather than be taken into custody. At this point and his age he would be better off dead since now the only thing he has to do is rot in prison for the rest of his life.

  • Someone

    [to 1st comment by Anonymous] What’s the difference if it was a pitbull or a papillon ?? The MAN was the shooter! Idiotic statements breed ignorance, and shouldn’t be ‘just said’ if its irrelevant. Keep those thoughts in ur head. Oh, unless that filter is broken … then sorry :-(