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State Employee Goes Up Against Union


It’s been a battle for state union employee Mariam Noujaim; she says the issue is wasting money.

It’s an issue Noujaim noticed back in 2011 outside the DMV. What she saw she says had her scratching her head.

“I saw crossing guards at the DMV, I thought why do we need them,” says Noujaim. “They built tunnels for our protection.”

Noujaim says it’s simple dollars and sense, she believes the┬áSEIU Local 1000 union should be more conservative with members cash.
It was so serious for this state union employee that she has forked over $18,000 of her own money to get answers.

Miriam finally was able to get the SEIU to show their books, after years of going back and forth.

“We didn’t get to see as much as we wanted.”