Homeland Security Busts Meth Ring in Stockton


Four people were arrested in a Department of Homeland Security-led drug investigation Thursday in San Joaquin County.

The four men are believed to be involved in the distribution of high-grade meth.

The investigation started in March after Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security agents got a tip about a drug ring operating out of Stockton and Lodi. Homeleand Security say undercover agents bought drugs from the suspects two separate times.

Lab tests revealed the drugs to be 99 percent pure D-methamphetamine-hydrochloride, the department said.

In Thursday’s bust, agents recovered three handguns, two of which had been stolen, about $15,000 and a quarter-pound of meth. Agents also seized small amounts of marijuana and cocaine.

The four suspects appeared in court Friday.

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  • FrostyFlores

    Well its about time! I hope this give law enforcement the clue that Stockton isn't just about about gang infliction's anymore…

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