Yuba County Preps for Possible Floods

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

marysvilleYUBA COUNTY-

In Yuba County and Marysville, round two of this three part ‘Pineapple Express’ didn’t cause too much damage – a flooded field here, a finicky pump there.

For Yuba County Public Works, keeping the roads dry was high priority. Elsewhere, it was ensuring homes made it through any water Sunday’s storm may bring.

“The sandbags we have are provided in limited numbers so people can do small things like guard a doorway, this isn’t to shore up a levy or anything like that. This is just small minor problems that can come in,” said Bryan Carter of Cal Fire Marysville.

With property and roads seemingly standing strong, the Yuba County Office of Emergency Services was fretting about the Yuba River.

“At the end of Sunday, we’re gonna see the river levels, especially on the Yuba River come up dramatically,” said Russ Brown, with Yuba County OES.

The chief concern was a potential loss of human life, for those people who call the Yuba River home.

“Let them know they’re going to deal with a lot of water creeping up on their encampments – giving them enough fair warning so they can go to higher ground,” Brown told FOX40.

The Yuba River and surrounding levees have undergone $400 million in repairs in recent years, but their first real test will come as round three punches Northern California on Sunday.

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