Sheriff: Mom is “Sole Individual Responsible” for Death of Baby Justice Rees

Kanye West Deposed in Kardashian Divorce Case

Kanye West

Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times / September 21, 2012

(LA Times) –

Call it “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Testimony.”

The Kafka-esque PR psychodrama that is the Kim Kardashian-Kris Humphries divorce, which came in 2011 after a mere 72 days of matrimony, has now roped in Kim’s current beau, the rapper/producer Kanye West.

West reportedly was forced into a deposition hearing by Humpries’ lawyer as they try to untangle the bizarre love triangle, which involves a complex pre-nup between Kardashian and Humpries. It’s the latest kink in this strange tale, which most recently got meta when Kanye rhymed about Kim’s famous sex tape (with her former lover, the singer Ray J) on his “Cruel Summer” single “Clique.”

Details are scant as to what the deposition hearing focused on, but we can bet Kanye’s ideal of a “Perfect Bitch” (his single that he reportedly wrote about Kim) probably doesn’t involve attending court hearings for her divorce to an NBA player.


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