Stranger Exposes Himself in Front of a Roseville Mom and Baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Jolene Sebalj was crossing Plymouth Court in Roseville with her 14-month-old daughter when a man in a blueish-grey mini van pulled up to the stop sign and exposed himself in broad daylight.

“When I looked at him and I looked in his van he had his pants down and he was playing with himself,” said Sebalj. “From that point, he proceeded to try and get me and my daughter in the van with him to do what he was doing.”

The man began to yell obscene things to the 26-year-old mother, she told FOX40.

“It was absolutely horrifying,” she said.

But before Sebalj ran to call police she got a good look at the man.

“He was about early to mid 50’s. He had dirty blondish hair,” said Sebalj

He was also wearing glasses and a white shirt.

Sebalj says she last saw the suspect head west down McAnnalu Drive and turn into another neighborhood.

“He is doing this to young moms and their daughters and that is not okay. We need to find this guy,” she said.

Without a license plate, Roseville Police were not able to catch the man, but they say her lengthy description could help them pinpoint a suspect in the future.

Police say to always report things like this as soon as possible, as it helps them identify patters.

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