Family, Kaiser Reach Settlement in Malpractice Complaint

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


FOX40 first reported what happened to little Mia Stevens back in September.

Then, her parents were fighting for recognition of what they say was an inexcusable mistake by Kaiser Roseville and help for the healing Mia will need in the future.

Now, they say they have both.

These days, Mia Stevens is learning how to be a great big sister to two-week-old Mya  and she’s still learning how to deal with what happened to her last may at Kaiser Roseville.

She received third degree burns on her right arm when IV antibiotics were pumped into her tiny hand instead of a vein, scarring her from the inside out.

But now, along with a baby sister, the other new development in her life is a settlement with the hospital where she was hurt.

“They wanted to do all they can to help Mia and that’s all we wanted for Mia,” said her father, Charles Stevens.

Mia’s parents couldn’t sue the hospital in open court because they signed that right away, as all Kaiser patients do, when they enrolled for coverage.

They were allowed to seek relief through arbitration, something they say other parents shouldn’t be afraid to do.

“When we’re sick we need to go to the doctor, but no one’s perfect,” said Stevens.

“Most medical malpractice cases are not pursued, they’re just forgotten. They’re swept under the rug, so I admire the Stevens family for saying, ‘We’re going to do something about this not only for our child, but to prevent it from happening to other children,’” said Moseley Collins, Stevens’ family attorney.

In their original demands, the Stevens family asked for extra training for nurses to stop another injury like this.

In statements to FOX40, Kaiser has said, “We are very sorry that this occurred and understand how distressing it is for Mia and her family.  A situation like this should not occur.”

Settlement terms keep the Stevens from discussing specific monetary or educational concessions made by the hospital, but they’re confident all is being done so that Mia’s case stands alone.

When FOX 40 visited Mia Monday she was taking a break from wearing the compression glove that is part of her treatment to control scarring.

That is the big concern for her future along with maintaining function. Her recovery is far from over.

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    She is very fortunate. Thank God. My grandson was not. After failing to diagnose Strep during 3 ER visits,Temp 104, body was freezing to touch, chills, unable to pee, Kaiser Roseville neglected to culture a small injury(until it was too late he was in shock major organs shut down) that he sustained while in the ER. He hit his foot on the exam table and a small punture type injury occured. 3 days later he died from Strep A.They didnt bother to give him any antibiotics , and not one medical professional recognized he was in shock?
    This facility should be shut down. We are not alone, there are many many more deaths & serious injuries than gets reported.

  • Anonymous

    I am so sorry to hear this of your grandson. So sorry.. Im sure no one knows your pain. But thank you for sharing your story cause it might help someone else to be aware. Thanks again :)

  • teamlilyanah

    My daughter four months old at the time was admitted to kaiser and the same thing happen to her. Her leg had the worst IV Preparation the burn took over 10 months to heal and now her foot to half way up her caf are scared up. Doctors and nurses are always asking me if she was burned and I tell them what it is from and they are always shocked. I thought my daughters was the worst. I was shocked to see your daughters hand. It looked just like my Lily's leg. I am happy you got justice. All my thoughts and prayers :)