King Fire Revealed to be Arson, Man Arrested

Court Appeal for Turlock Dog on Death Row


The Alaskan Malamute named Bolt will have its death penalty decree reviewed by a judge. Bolt was declared a vicious dog by the City of Turlock after it bit a 20-year-old woman in the face in October resulting in several stitches.

A web campaign has collected some 2,000 signatures for Bolt’s pardon, with supporters saying McKenzie Leedom provoked the 140 pound dog. But, Leedom says she feels her reputation has been tarnished by untruths — including claims that she was intoxicated at the time and that she was laying on the dog or had it in a headlock.

At Bolt’s hearing, an animal control officer said Bolt bit another woman in the face in a separate incident.

Leedom has two dogs of her own and is in the process of filing a restraining order against Bolt’s owner Daniel Mendonca — her former boyfriend — who she says threatened her dogs after the biting incident.

Police say Leedom’s mother, Ray Anne Leedom, actually reported the bite because McKenzie didn’t want to cause any trouble.  But, Ray Anne now says her daughter realizes that the dog may do the same thing again to someone else.  The Turlock Fire Chief Tim Lohman, who served as the administrative officer, apparently agreed.

Bolt has a court date on Monday, a day before he is scheduled to be euthanized.