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Details Revealed in Stockton Rotting Body in Apartment Case


Veronica Jones is the woman found dead inside a Stockton apartment.
(File photo)


Blows to the head with a metal table pedestal, a vicious rape with a foreign object and 32 stab wounds is what the Deputy District Attorney Thomas Testa said killed 35-year-old Veronica Jones. Her decomposed body was found in the bathroom of the apartment she shared with her boyfriend, Devon Epps, who’s suspected of murdering Jones.

No cameras were allowed inside the courtroom on Friday, the first day of the trial. But jurors saw for themselves graphic crime scene photos of Jones’ ravaged and rotted corpse, believe to have been there for several months.

Epps held his head, and looked downward, after Judge Bernard Garber ruled to allow the photos in the case.

“I believe the law is supposed to protect victims and I don’t think my sister was being protected,” Jones’ brother, Isaac Zuniga said, who testified in court.

Police also testified that a missing person’s report was taken at the end of June 2011.

But, officers didn’t physically go to the apartment to check on Jones until family reported her missing the next month. But cops never entered the apartment.

“The only thing they told me is that it’s not a crime to be missing, that they have a right not to talk to family or friends, and she was basically not missing,” Zuniga said.

A CPS social worker also testified that Jones had weekly supervised visits with her 2-year-old son, and called whenever she couldn’t make it.

She last called them June 2 of last year.

“When suddenly stopped visiting her son, and suddenly stopped contacting friends and family, that was the cue for me that something was wrong,” Zuniga added.

Jones’ body was discovered Dec. 5, more than six months later.

Sam Cohen contributed to this report