Local Man Loses Leg After Bear Charges

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
black bear

A black bear (Source: Wikipedia Commons)


A local man lost part of his leg during a hunting excursion with friends on Saturday in El Dorado County.

The men were hunting for black bear when they came across one and chased it up a tree.

One hunter fired a shot at the bear, and it came down, charging at one of the men.

That man grabbed his .44-caliber handgun to shoot it, but instead shot himself in the leg.

Another hunter shot and killed the bear.

A medical helicopter flew the injured man to Sutter Roseville Medical Center, where doctors unfortunately had to amputate his leg from the knee down.

Needless to say, the man is lucky to be alive.

Back in the 1950’s, before the kind of training and education hunters must now undergo, “There was anywhere from 35-50 fatalities a year,” said Mark Michelizzi of the California Department of Fish and Game, which is investigating the accident.

Compared to this day and age, with an average of 265,000 licensed hunters each year, “Over the last four years, there’s an average of 10 accidents,” Michelizzi added.

The injured man spoke with Fox40 from his bedside on Tuesday. He said he wanted to put this accident behind him, and that he is grateful for the love and support from his family.

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  • krissya238

    This is a very poorly written article which neglects most of the details of this incident. The man who was injured did not just "shoot himself in the leg." He's not an idiot and he's one of the most safety conscious and knowlegable people I know.
    The man was backed up against a tree with the bear charging him and he was within inches of the man who shot himself, to the point that the man's life was in danger from the bear. While trying to shoot the bear, his hand was jarred by the close contact, knocking the gun down at the same time that he fired the weapon. That is how the chain of events took place; they were much more complicated than the person who wrote this article bothered to demonstrate.

  • albuspwbd

    Maybe if they weren't trying to kill an unarmed bear this wouldn't have happened. Ya……I'm sure it wouldn't have happened. Sad some men (and women) feel you need to kill something to feel good about yourself. Oh well, Gimpy, Sorry..I mean the legless hunter, will have alot of time to think about this.

  • announamous

    Its disturbing that Fox 40 is flat out lying in this article. I personally know the “injured man” they are speaking of and he denied an interview with the reporters. They could have gotten the story correct had they actually spoken with someone who was there; instead they are making the hunters look bad! For hundreds of years civilization had to HUNT for their food… unfortunately people don’t understand that concept any more, its truely sad. Its not just a sport as some seem to think!

    Just fyi, the following statement is not true:

    “The injured man spoke with Fox40 from his bedside on Tuesday. He said he wanted to put this accident behind him, and that he is grateful for the love and support from his family.”

  • ElDoradoperson

    Can someone at least tell me the first initial of the hunters first name, I think I know him and would like to wish him well.Thanks in advance.

  • f4xtrafn

    Why not buy a hunting video game to satisfy their blood lust, then nobody gets injured. But I guess some people just get a thrill when they kill something. I just can't feel sorry for the fool.

  • rtg

    "Trying to make the hunters look bad"?? Really? Do you know why most people who only hunt for food do not hunt bear? Because bear meat tastes really bad. Bear hunters do not hunt for food, they hunt for the thrill of killing. I feel bad for this guy losing his leg, but that doesn't mean I condone how he got that injury.

  • ElDoradoperson

    rtg, sorry to say you are wrong on your above comments. As most food goes bear meat does mot taste "bad" when prepared properly I bet you could not tell the difference. Yes It can be "thrilling" to participate in most forms of "fair chase hunting" it is also the FIRST STEP IN THE CONSERVATION OF ANY SPECIES BEING HUNTED. Just take the time to do a little research and you will see.We may never need to hunt any animal again in this state or country for that matter. But first we must return the natural habitat to the anmals in nature. So who wants to remove there homes and buis. first? Much more all buildings in there habitat ???? Thats how it works, pay attention the answer is right in front of you ! By the way who killed your last piece of meat you ate ?