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Portland Shooting Inspires Vigilance Close to Home


The mall shooting in Portland is on the minds of mall security officers many miles away from the tragedy.

“I think about the active shooter situation all the time,” said Arden Fair Mall Security Chief Steve Reed in a Tuesday night interview with FOX40.

Arden Fair, Sacramento’s largest mall, is known for it’s emphasis on security which includes a $2 million surveillance system.  But as Reed points out, shootings are not entirely preventable.  So he teaches his security staff and mall retailers how to handle the worst case scenario.  In light of what happened in Portland, he plans to send emails to mall employees refreshing that training.

Reed’s advice to employees and shoppers includes “looking for exits, knowing where cover and concealment is…and being able to describe things to law enforcement when they come in.”

Arden Fair security also works in conjunction with the Sacramento Police SWAT team, The Department of Homeland Security, and California’s Emergency Management Agency, practicing various scenarios.