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Reporter Catches Ghost on Camera?

St. Francisville, LA (WGNO)–

While WGNO reporter Vanessa Bolano was investigating reports of hauntings at the Myrtles Plantation in south Louisiana, she caught this image on her camera.

The Myrtle Plantation is infamous for its reported hauntings.

Watch for Vanessa’s full story on WGNO’s News with a Twist at 5 p.m. on Friday, December 14, 2012.


  • djjeremy

    It’s actually a bug. When the camera’s configured to record in low light, the shutters stay open a little bit longer. So when a bug flies by, it’s looks like an elongated anomaly. Ghosts are real, but this isn’t one caught on video.

  • BubbaTooski

    Malcolm, If it's the wind why is nothing else moving in the room, the drapes, the plants on the mantle, anything you dope.
    DJJ, what are suggesting the shutter speed was? There is obviously a back light on during the shoot. I don't think a low shutter speed was necessary or used. If you look closely the "moth" appears to disappear then re-appear, almost pulsing. I don't know what the anomaly is but it is not the wind or a moth.

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