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Senator Yee Looks to Close California’s Assault Weapons ‘Loophole’

leland yee

Senator Yee at WGN.


State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) will be trying to close a loophole in California’s assault weapons that allows the guns to still be distributed, his office announced Monday.

FOX40 interviewed Yee Monday afternoon, asking about the proposal he is expected to introduce into the legislature soon.

Yee was in Chicago at WGN.

“There’s a gaping loophole in that particular bill because you can make modifications to assault weapons and then can, in fact, purchase and use that weapon,” Yee said.

California law prohibits people from owning “assault weapons,” which includes automatic and some semi-automatic guns. He noted how a simple modification can turn a legal semi-automatic gun into an assault weapon.

“What has happened is that gun manufactures have made modifications to these assault weapons that, by the push of a button, or in some cases by using a magnet, you can remove and replace a cartridge of multiple bullets,” Yee said.

Gun control is just one aspect lawmakers need to look at, Yee said. Mental health services also need to be addressed.

“It’s not a knee jerk reaction because the issue of limiting these assault weapons has been discussed for a number of years,” Yee said.

Echoing the statements by others, Yee noted that everything should be on the table to stop such tragic events, like the Newtown elementary school massacre, from happening.

“Anything we ought to be doing we should be doing to ensure the safety of our children,” Yee said.

Senator Dianne Feinstein will also be introducing an assault weapons ban bill next month, her office announced Sunday.