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Calif. Dept. of Justice Seized More than 2,000 Illegal Firearms in 2012


Photo courtesy: California Statewide Law Enforcement Association.


The California Department of Justice announced Tuesday that in the last 11 months, they have seized more than 2,000 illegal firearms.

In total, 2,033 guns, 117,000 rounds of ammunition and 11,072 illegal, high-capacity magazines were seized in 2012 by the DOJ. The weapons and ammo were taken from people who aren’t legally allowed to own firearms for having mental issues or a criminal background.

Thirty-three DOJ agents used the Armed Prohibited Persons System database to weed out those who cannot own guns, according to the Attorney General’s Office. That database cross-references legally-purchased firearms with people are prohibited from owning them.

People targeted included convicted felons,  those with restraining orders and those found to be mentally unstable.

The DOJ says most of the guns seized this year were taken during two six-week sweeps.