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Two Pit Bulls Shot During Probation Search


File photo.


Yolo County Sheriff’s deputies say they had to shoot two pit bulls that charged them during a probation search Monday morning. The dogs later died.

A release notes that the person deputies were looking for, Shane Edgington, wasn’t found.

The search started around 9:20 a.m., with deputies showing up at a home along Antelope Street near Cottonwood Street.

Once inside, deputies found two people and three pit bulls – along with five other dogs in the backyard. Yolo County Animal Control was called to help with the situation.

Deputies say the pit bulls were inside a bedroom that needed to be searched. An animal control officer tried taking one of the dogs out, but was soon charged by another pit bull. A deputy was said to have Tased that charging pit bull, but a third pit bull soon charged and attacked the wires from the Taser.

The two non-Tased pit bulls then allegedly charged the deputies throughout the house, forcing the deputies to shoot the dogs.

Both pit bulls were taken to the UC Davis Animal Hospital, but were pronounced dead on arrival.

The surviving pit bull and the five other dogs are now being held at the Yolo County Animal Shelter, with deputies noting that they aren’t properly licensed.

Two people, 46-year-old Carol Vitalie and 43-year-old Vicent Van Asperson, were arrested for drug possession charges and are being held at the Monroe Detention Facility in Woodland.