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Man Accused of Raping Disabled Woman Pleads No Contest

montgomeryPLACER COUNTY–

Marquise Montgomery has pleaded no contest to charges of raping and impregnating a severely mentally and physically handicapped woman, and causing great bodily harm.

He faces 8 years in prison for the rape, plus 5 more for causing great bodily harm.

Montgomery had been assigned a public defender and had pleaded not guilty back on Dec. 14.

The woman was staying at Casa Del Mar Care Facility in Penryn at the time. She is severely handicapped and is legally blind.

When she was about six months along in late 2011, deputies were brought in to investigate what they believed was a rape at the care facility.

The woman gave birth in February, with reportedly no family showing up. The baby is said to be doing fine and is perfectly healthy.

Montgomery’s sentencing will be on Jan. 25.

Cecilio Padilla and Ian McDonald contributed to this report.