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Parents Pay Top Dollar to Train Athlete Kids


High school football season is over, but the training for the next season is just beginning.

Christian Brothers wide receiver Omari Gray is a prime example of how seasonal school sports are becoming year-round activities.

“It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it. If you wanna go the extra level, it’s worth it,” Gray said.

Gray has received three scholarships. He attributes his success to Alex Van Dyke, who has a high school athlete training program.

“If I didn’t come here, I mean especially with the help with Alex, I would not be here and I wouldn’t be talking to you about my scholarships,” Gray told FOX40.

Van Dyke said his type of training is increasingly becoming the norm.

“Parents are seeing that everybody’s doing this type of training, and so it’s basically year-round training, and so it’s a matter of trying to get ahead of the next person,” Van Dyke said.

Even 9-year-old Sean Singh, a soccer scholarship hopeful, is using Van Dyke’s program.

“I think for Sean, we want to give him that (training). We want to give him that extra,” said Sean’s father, Deepak, who hopes spending the money now leads to a big reward later.

It’s not just athletics, either. Parents are also paying top dollar to help their kids take their music to the next level. FOX40 will have that report Saturday.