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UC Davis Researchers Uncover Story of Coloma Meteorite


Researches have made new discoveries since the Sutter’s Mill meteorite exploded as a fireball over Coloma this past spring.

Some of the researchers come from nearby UC Davis and have joined others in publishing their findings in the journal Science.

After studying meteorites found in El Dorado County, experts can now confirm that the meteorite formed about 4.5 billion years ago. That’s about the time our solar system formed.

It was knocked from its parent body about 50,000 years ago.

“(The meteorite is) one of many pieces that must have witnessed the beginning,” said UC Davis researcher Qing-zhu Yin.

Researchers hope their findings prompt interest in further examination of the meteorites.

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  • kgm656

    Are you serious? 4.5 billion, 50,000 years ago? and this meteor just happen to explode right over Coloma although it's traveling how fast and far up in space? Scientist and so called researchers are a bunch of wacko's! The sad thing is that they get paid by the the state or feds via tax payers money. So let's hike student tuitions to pay for these idiots.

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