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Crikey! Firefighters Rescue Horse from Hay Loft’s 2nd Story


Sacramento Metro firefighters and members of the UC Davis Veterinarian Medical Response team rescued a horse from the second story of a hay loft Monday afternoon along Crooked Mile Court in Placerville.

The 4-year-old horse, named Crikey, somehow made his way up the stairs to the second story and got stuck. Rescuers used ropes and equipment donated by someone from the public, firefighters say.

Most of the day, Crikey’s owner says, was spent devising a way to rescue the horse.

The hard part, rescuers say, was keeping the animal calm. Members of the veterinarian response team were able to help with that.

Crikey is now safe and back on the ground.

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  • Caton Parelli

    As a horse person myself I know almost exactly how horses feel and think, But I would never think that a horse even though they are smarter than us in a lot of ways would figure out how to get up to the second story of the barn!!!

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