Fatal Hit-and-Run Closes Highway 50 On Ramp

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


The westbound Highway 50 on ramp at Sunrise Boulevard was closed for more than an hour Monday evening after a fatal hit-and-run.

The California Highway Patrol says a 65-year-old woman was struck by a car, a motorcycle and then another car. The first car did not stop.

The motorcycle rider had minor injuries after he was thrown from his bike when he hit the woman.

CHP investigators hope anyone with information will come forward.

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  • EeenerTnuh

    I can't believe it. I drove past this incident probably an hour or so after it happened. The coroner was on scene, the on-ramp was still shut down, and this poor woman was still laying there, covered up. I thought because of the motorcycle being there that it was a motorcyclist who'd gotten careless and lost their life. I simply cannot believe the absolutely horrific reality of what actually took place. I truly hope that the people responsible for this come forward and at least give this woman's family some closure. What a horrible thing to have happen on Christmas Eve.

  • Caton Parelli

    That’s why Australians call motorcyclists in that country temporarily Australians!!!! Pointless death on Christmas Eve too

  • stanglvr

    So sad, my heart goes out to this lady and her family….how can the person who hit her live with themselfs!!! Come forward you coward…How would you feel if it was your loved one!!!!!

  • FastFrank

    My wife and I drove past the accident around the same time as you did. We both had the same reaction to the scene as you as well. It was very upsetting to see something like that on Christmas eve.
    We too hope the party responsible comes forward.

  • EeenerTnuh

    Is there any more information about this incident? I can't stop thinking about that poor woman and what she was doing walking there on Christmas Eve. Did she have family? Was she headed for a warm place where her family was waiting to celebrate the holiday with her? I just wonder if there have been any new developments, hopefully witnesses who could provide vehicle information, or something? This is still just so sad to me.

  • Brownfamily

    This is very said! It was my friend's mom!!!! I don't know all the detail of why mom was in the area at that time. It was heartless for some one to hit a person and take off. My friend did not find out about the accident until Wednesday. Now my friend has no one to support her in this hard time. She has a little baby girl and that is the only family left. On top off everything she is 8-9 hours drive away from where her mom lived, so now she has to travel with 18mth old baby to pick up her mom's remains. My friend had a hard life as it is for while now and now to loose her mom to such horrible accident on Christmas Eve it is just unbearable :(

  • Brownfamily

    It wasn't motorcyclists fault. The car that hit the women first it was a pick up truck that fled the seen. Since she was still laying there motorcyclist and the third car run over her and