Anonymous Threatens to Shut Down Manteca Police Website

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Manteca Police are taking threats seriously after “Anonymous,” a widely known “hacktivist” group, threatened to hack into the police department’s public website.

On their YouTube channel, “Annonymous” shows video of Ernesto Duenez Jr. being shot and killed by Manteca Officer John Moody while demanding he be fired.

“Otherwise, Annonymous users will act appropriately with the inevitable shutdown of the official website,” said someone on the site, disguised in a Guy Fawkes mask.

The Manteca Police Department told the Manteca Bulletin that they view this as a valid threat.

The threat comes a little more than a week after Moody was cleared of any wrong doing in the 2011 shooting, where he fired more than a dozen rounds at Duenez.

Since his death, many supported the Duenez family, but never has there been a threat of this magnitude.

The Duenez family says while they appreciate the support, they do not condone any illegal activity.

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  • Eliska

    It might be wrong for them to want to shut it down however that is were the police & courts system has taking this issue to…..a whole other level…that a group feels that in order to get justice they have to go to great lengths…

    To me it is sad that someone, anyone feels so unjustified, unheard & unprtected that they want to shut it down. Doesn’t that say something….

    How do you back a murder just because he has a badge??? What’s wrong is wrong & what’s right is right…

    If they (Manteca PD & the courts) think this is going away or something that will die down….their wrong so why not call it what it is & show justice.

    You know Neto was no saint but when he did something wrong at least he maned named & took his consequences….why can’t Moody??? Because he’s a cop….so now cops r aloud to murder,rape,steal,hurt children,ECT….??? That’s the extreme but isn’t that the message they are sending??? Doesn’t make me feel safe. Do you think because your not in trouble w- the law this won’t happen to you???? Maybe not but it did to me…..i have no criminal history,im a white female,tax paying citizen,I have also worked in collaboration w- law enforcement but found myself beat down & face down all for a unsafe left turn in which case I was not the driver nor did I do anything to deserve the abuse I received. However I had to fight for almost a year to get the charges against me removed becaused I was charged w- a violent act & I would’ve never worked w- kids again…do you know what my charges were??? Battery on a police officer & resisting….because my 7.up got on his uniform when he slammed me to the ground after asking why I was being arrested. Yet I was never charged w- what he actually was arresting me for. Because there was nothing…i did nothing to warrant this…why would I??? Jail wasn’t my destination that night & im not into being hit so trust me I did what they said..

    I was found not guilty in front of a jury trial. But I was willing to take ALL the charges if I was found guilty…i took no plea bargin as they would’ve liked. Why did he charge me?? To justify his behavior & putting hands on me!! See Officer Rincon of SPD is a repeat offender & has numerous victims but is still allowed to walk free & work in the job he is & has been abusing his victims….so if you think for one minute it won’t happened to you….thinl again.

    Do what’s right & call it what it is w- out making excuses for these people because one day it may be you.

  • hamptonhistory

    Manteca Police Department
    1001 Center Street Manteca, CA 95337
    (209) 239-8401

    Let's make sure they know, we don't support murderers, no matter what the corrupt courts say.

  • rahrah1

    Elisak – quit drunk posting! LOL you are really on something or you need to go back to school! Honestly I don't really care that this guy is gone from society. He was a gang member thug. I don't believe the officer intentially set out to kill the thug. I believe he felt threatened. It was lack of proper training that caused this as well as Duenez's thug behavior. Another thing Elisak – I don't believe your story even a little. You were probably with someone who was wanted or in a stolen car. The police don't pull people out of cars for unsafe turns alone. I was pulled over yesterday for speeding – guess what! I never had to get out of my car. Do you want to know why? Well I'll tell you anyway. I am not a wanted criminal nor was I with a wanted criminal.

  • Todd

    Who the heck cares if a police website gets shutdown? It's not the end of the world. It's only a website. It must have been a REALLY slow news day for this to make the news.

  • theropod65

    Yeah, so what that he's a known gang member. Does the cop the right to murder people? Is that it? Get labeled a "bad guy" and you get the right to get shot to death?

    For all the training that supposedly goes with being a police officer, there's a ton of them abuse their power. Go and google the city of Bell in California and you can read all about corruption within government.

    The point that Elisak wanted to say, had she been more coherent, is that corrupt police officers can affect EVERYONE! It can even happen to Mr. Goody citizen like you. Trust me, you get stopped by a crooked cop and you'll be living a nightmare for years.

    The checks and balances for corrupt government employees such as cops are not there for the regular private citizen. If you don't believe me, just try and complaining to your local police dept. about ANY cops they employ. All you'll get is the run-around but ultimately nothing.

    Now, THAT is justice for you!

  • rahrah1

    The cop didn't murder Duenez. It was lack of training and not an intentional act. And do I believe police officers have a right to murder anyone? Of course not. As for corruption – If you think corruption is that rampant I will have to disagree. Sure there IS corruption and it needs to be weeded out. I personally believe that public servants need to hold themselves to a higher standard than the average citizen and generally they do. When they don't they need to be held accountable but if it's lack of proper training than that is not an individual officer's fault and needs to be addressed department wide.

    Oh and I'm not a Ms. Goody (certainly no Mr.) but I am a productive member of society and give back. That is why I will not be subject to what Elisak claims happened to her or to what happened to thug Duenez.

  • SoilsEngineer

    Ahhh I see the Cult of Public Safety once again "does no wrong". If this cop did this to my kid he wouldn't be worrying about any trial. Not everyone is some ignorant gullible sheep. The excuses and justifications never end anymore.

    We used to hear about "Officer Friendly" when I was a kid but slowly we're learning he is outnumbered by:
    "Officer Wifebeater"
    "Officer Roid Rage"
    "Officer Excuses"
    "Officer Abusive Personality"
    "Officer Alcoholic" and his brother "Officer DWI Hypocrite"
    "Officer Wrong Address" and HIS friend "Officer Shoot your chihuahua"

    All the old sayings are dead…. "If you don't bother anyone or do crime you have nothing to worry about"

    This is alie anymore. Stats PROVE you are more likely to be mmurdered by a cop than ANYONE ELSE in society. It's right at the DoJ website among other tidbits:

    Policework isn't even as dangerous as Lifeguard. They only made the TENTH most dangerous sloy last year for the first time ever!

    Truckers die on the job more often yet why no parades for those "heroes"?
    Farmers die more often.
    LIFEGUARDS! Yes women in bikinis on beaches have a more dangerous job. So once again why do we put up with the overblown self-champoining "Cult of Public Safety's" noise and endless justifications again?

    Give me a break!!