Two Arrested for Trying to Steal Gas from Construction Trucks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Mugshot For Erik Hinez Miller

Mugshot: Erik Miller and Shannon Miller


A man and a woman were arrested late Christmas night after being caught trying to steal some gas from a Manteca construction site.

San Joaquin County Sheriff’s got a call around 11: about some suspicious activity near Highway 99 and East French Camp Road and sent some deputies to investigate. Once at the scene, they found a Budget rental truck with Oklahoma plates stuck in some mud.

Next to the truck were a pickup truck, a semi-truck, an excavator and a Bobcat.

Talking to suspect Erik Miller at the scene, he allegedly admitted to deputies that he had an outstanding warrant and that he was out there to steal some gas.

Miller also allegedly told deputies his whole backstory – that he and his partner Shannon Miller were trying to get from Fresno to San Francisco, but came up short on cash. A hotel supposedly charged too much money on a prepaid card, forcing them to steal some gas from another car in the area.

The two then were planning on stealing more gas from the construction site, but got stuck in the mud. They then tried to hotwire one of the cars at the scene to get out.

A 100 gallon fuel was found in the back of the Budget truck, along with an electric fuel pump, siphon hoses and other materials.

Both Erik and Shannon were arrested, facing theft charges, among others.

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