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Christmas Trees More Useful After Christmas

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Christmas trees have a lot more uses than just decorating a home during the holiday.

“More happens to them after Christmas,” said Bambi, owner of Bambi’s Christmas Tree Lot in Roseville.

For the last 43 years, Bambi has sold Christmas trees in the same lot. He’s seen trends change and business go up and down. While this year’s Christmas tree sales were better than the last few years, the lot had some leftovers. Those trees will be mulched and used as organic matter on the ground.

At the Folsom location, Bambi said the mulch is used on a vegetable garden.

However, most trees end up in a person’s yard waste can and taken away to be recycled; though where someone lives determines how the tree is used.

“Roseville has a composting system,” said Bambi, “Smaller cities the trees go to a Cogeneration Plant for electricity.”

Yes, the trees are chipped and burned in the plant, which creates steam and makes electricity.

If getting a tree to fit into a bin is too tough most cities and counties are offering free curbside pick-up for the next two weekends.

For those who want to help out a good cause, there’s the option of donating $5 to the Boy Scouts to haul the tree away.

Whatever the disposal method Bambi is just glad the trees stay out of the landfill.

For more information and options about what to do with a leftover Christmas tree and how to recycle it check with your local waste agency.

– Sacramento residents should check out this flyer.

– San Joaquin County residents should click here.

– The City of Roseville has its own Christmas tree collection information here.

– Residents of Yolo County should click here.

– Those living in Solano County should click here.

– Stanislaus County has more on tree recycling here.

– El Dorado County residents should click here.

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