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If laughter is the best medicine, there are a lot of happy people at laughter yoga.

With the holidays nearly over, some people are looking inward to focus on personal happiness, and some look to laughter yoga.

Psych major Erin Cote has been practicing laughter yoga for about five years and says it’s different from regular yoga where you do down dog and tough stretches.

But it’s similar in many ways too.  Cote says, “Yoga means to join or unite and so it’s really about that mind body connection and that’s essentially what we’re doing here.”

She starts by leading everyone through a series of exercises like telling them to use mental floss instead of dental floss. And she pushes people to even just fake laugh which often leads to uncontrollable real laughter.

Cote says, “Whether our laughter is real or fake, we still get the same health benefits – our mind still releases serotonin and endorphins.”

The next laughter yoga class is at the Sacramento Learning Exchange on March 13th.